Increase Sales As Your Ad is Read by

Everyone Around Your Business.

  • Everyone Sees Your Ad – Front Page Exposure!
  • 100% Readership – No Pages to Turn and Envelopes to Open to Find Your Ad
  • No Industry Competitors on the Card – You Get All The Leads
  • Less than 3 Cents per Household
  • Mailed to 10,000 Homes Surrounding Your Business

Why the Giant Postcard Works So Well?

  • 100% Exposure to Your Customers – Everyone reads the card when it arrives in their home
  • No Competitors Allowed on the Card
  • Affordable Marketing Co-op Power – The expense to design, print and mail the postcards are shared among the select group of businesses in our marketing co-op. This shared buying co-op allows our ads to start at less than 3 cents per household vs 70 cents or more for a solo mailing.
  • Easily to Read – no pages to turn and envelopes to open and ads to sort through.
  • Printed on heavy, gloss stock paper and professionally designed ensures many homes will keep the cards for weeks (until the next one arrives!)

How It Works:

  • Give us your best ad to include on the card. Or our Graphic Designers will be happy to work with you to create an attention-grabbing message.
  • Once the ad is approved, the over-sized postcards are printed and mailed to households around your business, typically every 5 – 6 weeks.
  • All additional ads and messages will receive graphic design services for updates for free!