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Our marketing co-op of local businesses provides a form of advertising that all businesses can afford and delivered to a mailing radius that makes sense for most businesses.

Small and medium size businesses have different advertising needs than large corporate enterprises.  Our shared co-op marketing group allows local businesses to deliver their message or ad to exactly who they want to see it.

To place an add and join our marketing co-op and for general inquiries:

Main Office

571 Marcella St
Kimberly, WI 54136

Phone: 920-205-9463

Secondary Office

Neptune Beach, FL

Phone: 904-537-9720

Reach 10,000 Households Surrounding Your Business with Everyone Reading Your Message – Guaranteed!

Plus It is Extremely Affordable, less than 2 cents each!

Local Targeted Direct Mail Advertising

 To 5,000 or 10,000 Homes Surrounding Your Business with 100% Readership

Customers are Exposed to Your Ad – No Pages to Turn and Envelopes to Open to Find Your Ad!